Websites protecting Services

We would check your websites periodically to find out malware, vulnerabilities and also provide some suitable defense solutions to protect them.

Administrators would have to face many troubles made by hackers to their websites, causing the leak of private information of the websites, and worse yet, the reputation of their companies.

  • Your websites are hacked to be used in phishing information
  • Your websites’ content is changed by hackers
  • Your mail server is spammed many times and you couldn’t find any suitable to prevent them.
  • Your website loads information very slowly, and your customers couldn’t access them. Some times, your server is down
  • Your list of customers is published on the internet …

Protect your WEBSITE 24/07

  • Scan your websites and find their threats periodically
  • Checking your websites to find out infested malware, backdoor.
  • Support administrators to deploy security solutions for their websites.
  • Solve all the problems with your websites: DDoS attack, interface-changed, information leaking…
  • Report customer’s websites status periodically.

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