Supporting websites being under DDoS attack

We're always available to support our customers to mitigate, defense against DDoS attack, and find out the sources of attack to try to stop it as soon as possible.
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Can your website deal with the problems of handling with many accesses that you’ve never faced before. They can be 10 times, 100 times or even 100.000 times bigger than the ordinary.

This is a quite complicating problem that every website has to face. Without handling carefully, DoS, DDoS can slow down your websites. Worse yet, they can even affect heavily your works, your repution with your customer.

Some suspecting signs of being under DDoS attack:

  • Legitimate users can’t access websites
  • Legitimate users have to receive the notice “Service unavailable “
  • There are a large amount of IP address connecting to your website’ s server.
  • You’ve nearly run out of server resources like CPU, RAM… with unknown reason.

Supporting customers to solve the problems with DDoS attack.

We’ll try our best to support our customers to defense against DDoS by some solutions like:

  • Prevent DDoS from affecting your bandwidth.
  • Prevent Application layer orientation DDoS attack.
  • Deploy firewall to prevent suspected flow
  • Optimize the performance of customer’s devices, programs, servers… to make them ready for defending against the DDoS attack.
  • Preparing some defending strategies like: making captcha pages, load-balancing handling system…
  • Provide customers with consults about their server’s status, their bandwidth…

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