Malware Removal Service

Our service will check your computers to find out and eliminate infested malware
Hotlines: 0986 986 247

Our process to check malware

Being made based on NIST standards (A security standards provider foundation), Our malware checking process consists of those steps:

  • Finding and eliminating malware by static methods from a specific dish made by VNIST.
  • Checking all the process on customer’s computer to find the suspecting malware-contained program.
  • Checking all the installed program on customer’s computer to find the malware contained program, or monitoring program.
  • Checking all the add-on, extensions and security fields of the customer’s web browser.
  • Checking customer’s computer a tool made by VNIST.

Find and eliminate malware

  • Your private computer performance is slow? And you find that it’s very hard for you to access the web browser?
  • There’re some unusual advertisement news on your browser?
  • Your Desktop is changed automatically with advertisements, or notices like: “Your computer is infected”, “Virus Alert”…
  • Your emails, social network accounts are accessed by strangers? Your private information is leaked on the internet but you don’t know how they can?

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